San Fernando Valley OG Clone

San Fernando Valley OG Clone

San Fernando Valley OG clone is a making of Cali Connection Farms, reared by Swerve in the San Fernando Valley. This solid Indica is a relative of the wild OG Kush.

SFV OG  clone is a cannabis plant of medium tallness, developing somewhere in the range of 40 and 80 inches tall. You will get genuinely little, thick buds that sneak up all of a sudden of lemon aroma and flavor.

The solid pine fragrance will thump you off your feet and give you a trace of what is to gone ahead the underlying tokes. Having 30% indica/70% sativa phenotype of the OG Kush strain made by raisers at the scandalous Cali Connection cultivates in the San Fernando Valley. SFV OG Kush, then again, is the consequence of intersection SFV OG with an Afghani landrace strain. San Fernando Valley OG clone is an unwinding Indica with as much as 22 % THC. This settles on it a perfect decision for incessant torment

          “ It was reproduced by Swerve, the principle man behind The Cali Connection.”

Talking about its color and flavor .

Buds are a dull, military green with olive conditioned leaves and reddish brown hairs against fine, white trichomes.

Fragrance: Piney, citrus, fuel, botanical, sweet

Flavor: Lemon vow, pine sol, lamp fuel

The smoke of San Fernando Valley OG Clone is delectable yet can be somewhat cruel and harsh like juvenile green pine cones or the exhaust of pine sol more clean. Be that as it may, it will rapidly numb out the stinging tissues and give a merited elation.

Developing difficulty:

Growing San Fernando Valley OG Clone plants is evaluated as similarly simple. You will require essential cultivating aptitudes, information on natural soils and supplements, and appropriate lighting and watering.

Inside, you can foresee a yield of 13 ounces for every meter squared of space of San Fernando Valley OG. Outside, you can get a yield of 13 ounces for every plant.

Blooming time 

San Fernando Valley OG Clone can blossom and be prepared for reaping, drying, and restoring in 8 to 9 weeks.

Uses for medication:

San Fernando Valley OG clone is used  in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and conditions like shingles, brought about by herpes zoster (chickenpox) reactivation. The reactivation of this infection which is conveyed by the majority of the populace, causes an extremely difficult rash, a sort of torment which is called neuropathic torment. Neuropathic torment is far in overabundance to the physical harm causing the agony as it emerges from harm and glitch of the nerves themselves. San Fernando Valley OG clone can quiet these nerves, diminish irritation, and give both intense and long haul help with discomfort.

SFV OG can be utilized to prompt hunger in squandering infections, for example, malignancy and HIV. It tends to be critical to the prosperity of such patients to have this medicine to battle sickness and absence of craving with the goal that they can keep up body weight and appropriate sustenance.

 Your body will feel good and torment free. Uneasiness will be exiled. You may get the motivation to take an interest in some inventive interests like tuning in to or making new music or works of art. In the event that soaking up by the day’s end, SFV OG can be only the nightcap you have to sneak off into a tranquil sleep.

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